The triangular model of like, suggested by Robert Sternberg

The triangular model of like, suggested by Robert Sternberg

Keep in mind that you can find eight kind of like, which can be laid out from the combinations of your own underlying things regarding closeness, passion, and you may relationship. Off Sternberg (1986).

Research Focus

Evolutionary psychologists enjoys recommended that individuals feel intimate prefer to let raise the evolutionary physical fitness (Taylor Gonzaga, 2006). Centered on this concept, like helps lovers interact to evolve the connection of the complimentary and you will think situations by increasing dedication to the connection. If the love will act as a beneficial “relationship product,” it could do it partly by the helping some body do not be interested in other individuals who can get pose a threat with the balance of your own dating (Gonzaga, Haselton, Smurda, Davies, Poore, 2008; Sabini Gold, 2005).

Jon Maner along with his colleagues (Maner, Rouby, Gonzaga, 2008) looked at this notion by the wanting an example out-of participants have been currently from inside the a loyal relationships and you may influencing the fresh new the amount to which the participants was currently sense romantic love for their lovers. It predicted that personal like manipulation carry out drop-off attention to confronts out of attractive opposite-sex somebody.

Half of the players (new intimate love standing) were assigned to make a short essay about a period brazilcupid giriÅŸ of time when you look at the that they experienced good emotions of love for the current partner. (далее…)