41 the explanation why Danes are so peculiar

41 the explanation why Danes are so peculiar

At a direction for new intercontinental children, they taken care of immediately our very own silly concern request with some actually, really, stupid concerns

The University article recently built-up a listing of 119 great dumb questions questioned by Copenhagen’s latest exchange and invitees pupils. Witty, honest and some virtually obscene, the questions comprise all about the unconventional traditions associated with the Danish men and women. Now we are back. This time around in what you discover strange

Worldwide people international with the loony whims of Danes happened to be requested to earnestly inquire foolish issues. Can I choose class nude? What makes there a lot of cattle in Copenhagen? How do you get the contact number from the cute institution article article assistant?

We had been at another direction meeting last week. Therefore we questioned our very own newer pupils what they thought about strange in Denong Danish natives.

Some of the guide were somewhat cryptic. Anytime some of it is possible to come up with details or an innovative new interesting finding, kindly enlighten the rest of us giving all of us a comment in box below. As soon as you’re accomplished reading this article article and you are nevertheless intrigued by Danes and their weirdness then take a look at our post on Danish stereotypes. (далее…)